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SHAD Launches Fund Campaign

Shaker Square Area Development Corporation (SHAD) is kicking off

a fundraising campaign to help it transition to a new stage of operation.

Over its 42-years of service to the Shaker Square community, SHAD has evolved to address  emerging opportunities that will grow the organization’s collaborations and develop its funding sources, ultimately improving the neighborhood.

To help kickoff SHAD’s efforts, it needs your help. Please consider a generous, tax-deductible contribution to SHAD. Click here for more information about SHAD, and how

to participate in the campaign.

Shaker Square Revitalization Moves Forward

Phase two has begun in the highly anticipated Shaker Squareredevelopment

project. After several weeks of engaging with area residents, business owners 

and stakeholders for feedback, city officials say they finally have a “dream team”

in place to help breathe new life into the east side Cleveland neighborhood.

Ward 6 city councilman Blaine Griffin said that five key firms have been selected

to take leading roles in the project, which will improve, enhance and revitalize the

public spaces around Shaker Square. Griffin explained that the city is committed 

to the team of experts, some of whom have worked on other major projects in the

Cleveland area, to help get the Shaker Square project off the ground. For more on

the story, go to page 1 of The SHAD Connection

Counselor Opens Practice on Shaker Square to

Focus on Women
Dr. Tanya Bishop, a licensed counselor and certified professional life coach,

brings her expertise to the Shaker Square community with a new office now

open at 12923 Shaker Boulevard. Her work focuses on counseling for women

of all ages through Women’s Direction, an organization she founded over a

decade ago.

Dr. Bishop holds a BSW in Clinical Social Work/Psychology from Cleveland

State University, a master’s in Counseling Psychology from John Carroll University, and received her Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from the Southern California University for Professional Studies. For more on the story, go to page 4 of The SHAD Connection.

SHAD Explores Partnership with University Circle
​SHAD President William Beard announced at the 2018 annual members’ meeting that the board had been meeting over the past year with UCI officials to discuss ways to promote their respective neighborhoods.

Beard cited housing quality, affordability and convenience in the SHAD service area for UCI’s workforce, noting later that the RTA bus line that ran between the two locations has been discontinued in recent years. For more on the story, go to page 1 of the SHAD Connection.

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