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Shaking up Shaker Square
Somebody call a plastic surgeon. Shaker Square is getting a


There’s no need to break out the Botox, of course, but there are

definite plans in the works to enhance one of the most vital and

vibrant neighborhoods on Cleveland’s east side. The city is in

early stages of coming up with a plan to breathe new life into the public spaces in and around Shaker Square, engaging with stakeholders, residents and business owners for feedback on how they would like to see the popular area utilized in the near and distant future.

“We feel that Shaker Square is not only an asset just to Cleveland, it’s also a connector to all of the different communities surrounding it,” said Ward 6 city councilman Blaine Griffin. “We’re really looking at trying to redevelop that area.” For more on the story, go to page 1 of TheSHAD Connection.

Paran Unveils Plans for Project on Van Aken & Shaker
Paran Management Company provided a sneak peek of its

proposed historical renovation and development of the Bonwit

Teller Block at the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation

design review meeting on July 25 at the Shaker West

Professional Building, 11811 Shaker Boulevard.

The meeting was in part to seek approval for the application of Cleveland’s Store Front Program so Paran can receive restoration credits to begin work on the project.

In January 2018 Paran purchased the approximately 3.2 acre property fronting on Shaker and Van Aken Boulevards. The property includes the former NEXT clothing store, Goodwill, a single story vacant retail building space and the building where CVS Pharmacy once resided (on the corner of Van Aken and Drexmore Road). 

The parking lot off of Drexmore behind Fire Food and Drink and Yours Truly is also included in the project. For more on the story, go to page 1 of The SHAD Connection.

​Shaker West Building Gets New Owner

The full scope of work taking place at the Shaker West

Professional Building may not now be visible to passers-by,

but its new owner MAN Holdings’ Haim Mayan said a lot of

things are, indeed, happening in and around the building.

It was in May that MAN Holdings – Haim and wife Amanda

Mayan –purchased the office and medical building located at 11811 Shaker Blvd.

“Some of the things we’re doing you’ll see from the outside, and some you won’t,” said Haim Mayan. “We’re improving the mechanical aspects of the building - the HVAC. We’re upgrading the three elevators, we’re doing structural work to the parking lot, and we’ll be adding a solar panel on the rooftop that will generate 115,000 kilowatts of electricity.”

Mayan added, ”We just got the finished design for the solar panel and we’re submitting it to the city of Cleveland.” For more on the story, go to page 3 of The SHAD Connection.

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