​When we say we're INvested in the Shaker Square Area, we simply mean we're all in - developing and redeveloping neighborhoods filled with unique and diverse places to live, work, eat, shop and get the services you want and need. 

Shaker Square Area Development Corporation's mission is to provide the people and businesses of the Shaker Square area with the leadership and action needed to foster well-maintained, economically strong neighborhoods.

A diverse membership of 1,000 individuals, families and businesses support us in our pursuits of the following objectives: 

  1. To maintain and promote the 4,000 units of apartment/ condominium housing located in the Shaker Square area.
  2. To promote home ownership and housing maintenance in the Shaker Square Area neighborhoods.
  3. To revitalize and promote the Shaker Square Area as a regional shopping, entertainment and business district.
  4. To preserve, protect and enhance the area’s landmark architecture, public spaces and green spaces.
  5. To address security and quality of life issues within our physical environment.
  6. To foster neighborhood pride and collaboration.

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We're "All In" INvested

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