Legacy Programs

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Sunbeam School

On May 6, 2016, the Cleveland Planning Commission reviewed conceptual designs for the new Sunbeam school, to be built on the site of the former Alexander Graham Bell lSchool between Larchmere Boulevard and Mount Overlook Avenue at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. This 400-student, 90,060 square-foot facility features a universal design that provides access to the entire facility to all students, half of whom manage physical, visual or cognitive impairments. The new school was made possible thanks to the support of Cleveland residents who passed Issue 4 in November 2014.

Blight Reduction at East 130th Street and Drexmore Road

At Shaker Square, two vandalized building at Drexmore Road and East 130th Street have been demolished after years of neglect. Thanks to the orchestrated efforts of concerned residents, Shaker Square Area Development Corporation, Ludlow Community Association, Thriving Communities, Organize Ohio, PIC Investments, Holy Grove Missionary Church, Coral Company and the City of Cleveland, these neglected buildings are now gone.

Monthly meetings at Shaker Square Area Development Corporation will continue with stakeholders to improve security and redevelopment in the south Shaker Square area. In the preliminary stages, new construction has already been proposed for senior housing at one of the vacant sites.

Larchmere Boulevard Streetscape and Landscaping
The (NOACA) federal transportation enhancement grant of $587,000 for streetscape and landscaping improvements in the Larchmere Blvd Retail District is done; there is a warranty period and a punch list review that remains, yet the major work is done.  Come take a stroll or ride down Larchmere Boulevard.  Rest on the new benches or park your bike at the new bike racks.  Discover the new businesses or revisit the old favorites.

Cleveland Housing Network
Shaker Square Area Development Corporation partners with this citywide organization for the provision of renovated and newly constructed, affordable housing.      

Uptown Traffic Plan
Shaker Square Area Development Corporation is the administrative agency for the Uptown Traffic Committee, a coalition of major stakeholders advocating for a set of 5, City-approved, roadway modifications for improving traffic flow and safety in the Fairhill–Shaker Blvd.- Buckeye Rd. corridor. 

Strategic Code Enforcement
Shaker Square Area Development Corporation works closely with City inspectors to promote responsible building maintenance, and monitors court proceedings concerning problem properties within our service area. We also conduct a minimal standards inspection of apartment buildings whose owners desire to use our Rental Connection referral service.

​Landmark District Design Review
Shaker Square Area Development Corporation administers the local Design Review Committees for both the Shaker Square Historic District and the Larchmere Blvd. Business Revitalization District. Fifteen proposals for exterior alterations were reviewed for design compatibility during the past year. 

Larchmere Merchants Association
Shaker Square Area Development Corporation serves as the administrative agency for the Larchmere Merchants Association. This Association coordinates the marketing and promotion of the Larchmere Blvd. commercial district, sponsors special events, and responds to issues that affect the vitality of the street.

The Connection
Shaker Square Area Development Corporation publishes this award-winning, neighborhood newspaper on a quarterly basis. With circulation of 7,500, The Connection updates the community on neighborhood activities and assistance programs, and helps promote the desirability of living, working, and shopping in our neighborhoods.


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