News Submission Guidelines

Most of our feature articles are written by our Contributing Editors. We sometimes assign articles to others, such as event planners, industry experts, and freelance writers, particularly those who have experience with our subject matter (both firsthand experience and writing experience). Stories generally run from 600-1200 words.

Stories included on this website may be used in our quarterly publication The Connection.

You must own or control the copyright to all content you submit to Shaker Square Area Development Corporation. This means that you cannot submit work obtained from other sources, or incorporate such work into your content submissions, unless you have permission to do so. Articles already in other publications or posted online (including in blog form) will not be accepted. You don’t need to have special expertise, but if you do, elaborate on it.

We reserve the right to deny submitted articles for any reason. We reserve the right to remove any previously accepted content submission from the site archives, and reserve the right to reinstate any previously accepted content submission which was later removed by a site administrator, at any time for any reason.

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